The Elected Member, Properties is a member of Provincial Council. Her responsibilities include:

  • Participate, at the direction of the Provincial Commissioner, in short and long term planning that supports Provincial Council goals and plans.
  • Maintain current knowledge of all issues affecting all properties.
  • Receive and monitor budgets; in partnership with each individual District/Area
  • Commissioner and Property Site Manager to resolve variances.
  • Collaborate and coordinate any improvement or services with Area/District
  • Commissioners and Property Site Managers.
  • Report to the Provincial Commissioner and Provincial Council on all performance results, issues and challenges for the overall property initiatives.
  • Maintain annual contact with relevant insurance company.
  • On-going consultation with Area/District Commissioner and Property Site
  • Manager during property improvements or services.
  • Fundraising; Review FR-1 forms and submit to appropriate level for approval for all properties, prior to start of any fundraising initiatives. Any fundraising exceeding $1,000 goes to Provincial Office for approval.
  • Submit an annual report of usage and improvement for each individual property.
  • Submit an annual financial report on each property for National Compliance report.
  • Keep current on National Property Improvement Guidelines
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