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Photo of the Month social media contest

Welcome back to another Guiding year! Social media is an important part of what we do at GGC, and this year we want to make it known that Girl Guides in Newfoundland and Labrador are having a blast!

Each month, you can send any photos and information you want featured on our provincial pages to our PR/Communications Advisor Victoria, by filling out the short Photo of the Month social media campaign form. You can also tag us on social media and we will re-post you.

Our social media accounts:

Our content will (for the most part) be scheduled in advance each month. The deadline to be featured in October is September 27.

Here are some post ideas that you can submit:

  • Photos of you and your unit at weekly meetings
  • Pictures from a service project
  • Event pictures and videos
  • Video of the girls telling us what they love about Guiding
The options are endless!

Please ensure all members in photos and submissions have their Image Release consent (IR.1) recorded in iMIS.

For photos where members are wearing masks, all girls and women must be wearing masks that cover the nose and be maintaining a minimum of two meters (six feet) of physical distance.

The information you send may be edited by Victoria to suit the social media platform. Please include all information on the form provided.

We are also interested in our girls becoming more directly involved with our online platforms. If you are a Pathfinder or Ranger Guider and you think your unit would like to takeover on our Instagram stories during a meeting, email Here is more information on what a “takeover” is.

All submissions for our social media will be entered into our new photo of the month contest – a random draw every month for a prize from provincial council. We will post the winner each month.

We can’t wait to share your special moments with the public through social media!

Guiders – don’t forget to use the GGCNL Guider Information Facebook group to post and to read information about things going on in the province.

The PR/Communications Lead and her Committee are responsible for the following:

  • Develop, implement, and monitor public relations strategies to increase public awareness of GGC, its Mission, and membership benefits
  • Develop and promote positive messaging to the membership that demonstrates organizational pride in the GGC image and supports GGC brand enhancement
  • Encourage, manage, and assist with media relations; Supports PR opportunities through press releases, reports, and photos to media outlets
  • Coordinates and plans for paid advertising for Guiding in the Province
  • Promotes special events/celebrations, such as the Provincial AGM, conferences, and award ceremonies, and provides the resources to assist in their occurrence
  • Establishes and maintains contact with relevant agencies, government departments, and other like non-profit organizations that will advance the interests of Guiding in the Province
  • Attends or ensures attendance at trade shows, exhibitions, and other community promotional opportunities to advance product sales and membership benefits
  • Provides oversight of the production of the provincial newsletter, and other provincial publications, including all print, web-based, online, and social media articles, bulletins, and other messaging, ensuring editorial content is current, comprehensive, and timely
  • Monitors the provincial website and administration of the provincial Facebook and other social media sources, updating information releases and monitoring comments
  • Collaborates with provincial staff on the development of the content & distribution of newsletters, e-blasts, website information, social media, Style Guide, Brand Standards and Guiding Essentials
  • Ensures compliance with the Visual Identity, Graphics, and Brand Standards
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