Fundraising Guidelines

Newfoundland and Labrador Council Fundraising Guidelines

All members of Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Council shall comply with National Fundraising Procedures and Guidelines and the National Fund Development Policy 01-19-01.


Participation at all levels is expected in the two annual Cookie Campaigns before entering into any additional fundraising activities.

GGC Newfoundland and Labrador Council’s minimum expectation is that each Girl and Adult Member sell two cases of cookies per campaign.

Independent groups and/or nationally and provincially sponsored trip participants fundraising for trips involving commercial transportation must sell two cases of cookies per Member per campaign. Any additional fundraising by cookie sales may be eligible for a special sharing arrangement.

GGC policy states that the Cookie Program is our official fundraiser. Cookies are essential in generating funds for the support of GGC programming and operations. We know that other types of fundraising activities occur to support Guiding activities, however, a minimum of 25 per cent of the total amount fundraised must be through cookies sales.


All Units, Districts, and/or Areas intending to travel must seek permission from the appropriate Safe Guide Assessor or International Assessor and get approval prior to commencing any fundraising activities for the trip. Fundraising can only be used for direct budgeted trip costs.

Fundraising for trips may only occur if 75 per cent of the participants at the start of the planning process are Girl Members. The Provincial Commissioner, or her designate, may grant an exception in specific circumstances, such as Girls requiring individualized care or small groups where there is a requirement for two Guiders but not enough Girls to make up 75%. Such exceptions should not be granted unless the travel group can adequately justify its decision not to recruit more Girls.

All Members, Adults and Girls, are expected to contribute a minimum of 10% of the trip costs themselves. Subsidies may be made available to Members who cannot afford to pay their portion. Exceptions may be granted, based on need, to allow Girls to fundraise and/or receive subsidies to cover this portion. Exceptions can be approved by parent council.

FR1 Form

  • Has to be completed for ALL Fundraisers and approved BEFORE Fundraising commences.
  • Has to be approved by the Area Council, i.e. Unit or District to be approved by Area and Area to be approved by Province.
  • Copy of FR1 form has to be attached to Annual Financial Review form.
  • Area Commissioner MUST be notified of all fundraisers in her Area.

Accounting for Fundraising

  • Record keeping and accounting for all fundraising shall be in accordance with the financial standards of GGC
  • Funds cannot be assigned to another activity and must be spent on the project, trip, or event for which it was raised.
  • Any money raised for a specific trip that remains unspent, after paying allowable expenses, must be held in a restricted fund, at parent level for future trip opportunities.
  • Financial reports for all trips must be sent to the designated council level within 30 days of returning from a trip.

National Approval

National must approve:

  • Any potential fund development partnership or sponsorship with a company of Canada-wide presence.
  • Any request for corporate or business donation worth $1,000 or more, including in-kind.

Soliciting from Governments or their Agencies

In most cases, such funds are given in the form of “Grants” by specific Government Departments or Agencies to fill a need, perceived by the Government, to encourage specific endeavors by community groups.

Units, Districts, and Areas must have the permission of the Provincial / Executive Council before requesting funds from such groups.

Fundraising by Adults

  • Adults are only permitted to fundraise for the benefit of Girl Members.
  • Adults cannot fundraise for adult only activities or administrative costs, such as payment of membership fees or Trefoil Guild activities. 
  • Adults cannot fundraise for adult only trips, however they may fundraise for independent trips to accompany Girls.

Further Information

For further information please refer to National Fund Development Policy 01-19-01 and/or National Fundraising Procedures and Guidelines.

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