PR / Communications

The PR/Communications Lead and her Committee are responsible for the following:

  • Develop, implement, and monitor public relations strategies to increase public awareness of GGC, its Mission, and membership benefits
  • Develop and promote positive messaging to the membership that demonstrates organizational pride in the GGC image and supports GGC brand enhancement
  • Encourage, manage, and assist with media relations; Supports PR opportunities through press releases, reports, and photos to media outlets
  • Coordinates and plans for paid advertising for Guiding in the Province
  • Promotes special events/celebrations, such as the Provincial AGM, conferences, and award ceremonies, and provides the resources to assist in their occurrence
  • Establishes and maintains contact with relevant agencies, government departments, and other like non-profit organizations that will advance the interests of Guiding in the Province
  • Attends or ensures attendance at trade shows, exhibitions, and other community promotional opportunities to advance product sales and membership benefits
  • Provides oversight of the production of the provincial newsletter, and other provincial publications, including all print, web-based, online, and social media articles, bulletins, and other messaging, ensuring editorial content is current, comprehensive, and timely
  • Monitors the provincial website and administration of the provincial Facebook and other social media sources, updating information releases and monitoring comments
  • Collaborates with provincial staff on the development of the content & distribution of newsletters, e-blasts, website information, social media, Style Guide, Brand Standards and Guiding Essentials
  • Ensures compliance with the Visual Identity, Graphics, and Brand Standards
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