Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what Guiding is like at the next level? Would you like to have a voice in what’s happening across the province? Here is your opportunity!

We are offering many exciting opportunities for Guiders in Newfoundland and Labrador. Don’t let the words Provincial Council or Provincial Committee intimidate you! Guiders from any level can apply and all are welcome. We would love to have you join us. Below is a list of the available positions. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our team.

Provincial Council Positions

As we begin the process of recovery in our personal journey from the pandemic, we also need to think about our Guiding recovery, and rebuilding our organization to welcome girls back and engage more girls with all that Girl Guides of Canada has to offer. To do this, we need you! We need you at all levels of Guiding (unit, district and area levels) as well as at the provincial level.

In today’s world, with many forms of digital and virtual communication available to us, these positions are better managed by and are more appealing to busy women. Give these positions some thought, talk to us, and let’s see our organization recover and grow. Also, if you know someone who might be a good fit for one of these positions, let us know and we will happily reach out. Click on the position below to view the position description.

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Provincial Advisers

The following positions are either currently vacant or terms will be completed in a few months. If you think you might have the time and skills for one of these positions or know of someone who might be a good fit, you are encouraged to connect with our NL Nominations Team at nl-nominations@girlguides.ca. To apply, complete the application form. Click on the position below to view the position description.

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Join a Provincial Committee

We are also accepting applications for members to join the committees listed below. Joining one of these teams is a great way to find out more about how we do what we do, and to prepare yourself to take on a leadership role in future! Click on the committee title to view the position description.

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7/1/2022 9:20:36 PM