Safe Guide Talks

Timely tips and reminders to help you plan for safety using Safe Guide

September  -
 Don’t wait until camping season to get the PRC’s completed for your unit helpers! You can get the paperwork out of the way any time now. Complete an A7 and send to Provincial Office, they will contact your helpers to complete the PRC process.

October  - 
Now that your Units are all set up for the Guiding year, it is time to check to make sure your Emergency Response Plan (form SG.4) for your Unit meeting place is up-to-date! Does your form have the current Guider's names, First Aider(s), correct telephone numbers and meeting place evacuation procedures? Are all your Unit Guiders aware of your Emergency Response Plan? Remember that even GREEN level activities, including your Unit meetings, must follow Safe Guide.

November  -
 It's that time of year again! If your Unit is planning to participate in a Santa Claus parade or a Fall hayride, here are some Safe Guide procedures to be aware of:


If the activity is in the community and parents are providing transportation AND if the girls are walking, skipping, dancing etc down the street, it is a Green Activity. Guiders would have to ensure that parents receive details of the activity and that supervision ratios are met.

If the activity involves RIDING on a float/car/truck bed then the activity would be Yellow because Unit is providing private transportation. Guiders would have to ensure that the owner/driver of the vehicle is insured similar to the way we handle charter bus service. Guiders should provide the Yellow Assessor with information regarding safety procedures on the float i.e. railings, girls seated or in a stable area of the float, procedures for entering and exit the float. Parents would need details of the activity and, of course, supervision ratios must be met.


This activity definitely involves RIDING on a wagon pulled by some type of vehicle or horses, so it would be Yellow similar to riding on a float in a parade. Guiders would have to ensure that the farm owner/driver of the hay wagon has liability insurance.

Guiders will need to provide the Yellow Assessor with information about the type of vehicle (tractor, truck, horse) pulling the wagon and safety procedures on the hay wagon i.e. railing, seating etc. Parents would need details of the activity and, of course, supervision ratios must be met.

December  -
Hi Guiders! How many of you out there are using the great Activity Guides available in the Safe Guide? These are specific step-by-step guides for planning different types of activities and they are located in the "back" of the Safe Guide document.

For example, there is one for Sledding/Tobogganing (page 70) which includes pre-activity planning, activity specific planning for safety, best practices guidelines, and even a comprehensive Check-List! You will also find Activity Guides for Skating, Sleepovers, Horseback Riding, Tent Camping and more. Remember, you don't have to re-invent the wheel, all the things you need to consider for planning any event are already there ready for you to use. These Activity Guides are really helpful so take a look at one the next time you plan an activity!

January  - Now that the busy Holiday Season is over some of you will be starting plans for a Spring Sleepover or Summer Camp. Just a reminder that any non-member who plans to stay overnight at an event MUST have a completed PRC. Ask your Unit Helpers to complete an A7 and send to the Provincial Office, the office will contact them via email to complete the PRC process.

When planning your event, remember to make use of the Activity Guides, look for Sleepovers on Page 72 and for Tent Camping on Page 60. Also please help make your Safe Guide Assessor’s job easier by getting your applications (SG.3, SG.1 & SG.4) in at least 14 days before the event.

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