Speak up. Speak out. Have your say.

The Girls’ Open Forum took place in Ottawa on Saturday, June 1, 2019.

The Girls’ Open Forum is a part of the Annual General Meeting, girls took part in person and online through our live webcast Many girls submitted topic ideas, questions and videos ahead of time.  Some units took part through the Girls First activity, which includes a toolkit for hosting a viewing party!

2019 Topics

  1. Diversity and Inclusion - Being an ally at any age (mini workshop)
    When girls can understand and apply the concept of allyship to their own lives, they can support diversity and inclusion efforts in Guiding by standing up for friends. This 30-minute workshop will engage girl members on GGC’s efforts to be a diverse and inclusive organization. Rather than a panel, leaders will serve as facilitators to support this exercise. Participants can still submit questions on this topic and, like any other question not addressed during the Forum, they will be responded to during or following the event.
  2. Your program, now and into the future
    What you do in your unit is how you experience much of Girls Guides. What do you want to know about how the program works to be relevant to your needs? What hopes, or questions do you have about how you will experience the program next year and beyond?
  3. Youth in the lead – How can girls engage and be supported to lead at GGC
    There are many ways to be a leader in GGC. We know leadership takes different qualities, skills and supports. What do you want to know about the different types of opportunities that await you, and how your engagement can influence the direction of GGC? Let’s explore this topic further.

How to see what happened

  1. Try out the Girls’ Open Forum activity on the Girls First platform with your unit
  2. Join the conversation on social media using #askGGC
  3. Watch the event video below.