Provincial Youth Forum


Application for Youth Council

The Elected Member, Youth Representative is a member of Provincial Council and Chair of the Provincial Youth Forum. Her responsibilities include:

  • Seeks advice and opinion from the Youth Forum on issues of programming; event, operational, and membership growth plans; and, concerns and trends impacting girl membership within the province,
  • Stay informed of current issues and trends impacting girls,
  • Through the Youth Forum, ensures the voice of girl members is provided to the Provincial Council,
  • Collaborate with the Provincial Treasurer to prepare and monitor the annual budget for the Youth Forum,
  • To arrange the creation and publication of articles for girl Members and about girls interests, opinions, and trends through provincial methods of membership communication (newsletter, social media, website, etc.),
  • May be assigned special tasks or other Council projects or committee assignments as directed by the Council/Provincial Commissioner,
  • To work collaboratively with provincial level Advisers to ensure best program delivery for all girls,
  • To identify any personal learning needs that will enhance performance as a member of the Council and Chair of the Provincial Youth Forum.

10/19/2019 6:02:49 PM