Guiding Granny Challenge

To earn the Challenge crest, individual Girls, Guiders or Units must complete the challenges of their choice between April 1 and March 15 of the following year. The Area with the greatest percentage of members completing the challenge will win the Guiding Granny Outdoor Challenge Award which is presented each year at the Provincial Annual General Meeting.

In order for an Area to receive the Plaque, all forms must be received by March 15th.

Activity Guide
Crest Order Form

Past winners of the Guiding Granny Outdoor Activity Challenge Award:

2004/2005       Central East Area
2005/2006       South West Area
2006/2007       CBS Area
2007/2008       CBS Area
2008/2009       CBS Area
2009/2010       Avalon Area
2010/2011       ConBaSu Area
2011/2012       ConBaSu Area
2012/2013       ConBaSu Area
2013/2014       ConBaSu Area
2014/2015       ConBaSu Area
2015/2016       ConBuSu Area
2016/2017       ConBaSu Area
2017/2018       Tuckamore Area

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