Upcoming Training Sessions

While formal training for the 2017-18 Guiding Year has come to a conclusion, we are working on sessions for the fall, and of course the Gander Conference in October where we hope we'll see you there!

If you have any questions regarding training, or would be interested in becoming a committee me
mber or trainer please contact
Provincial Training Lead, Barbara Reid

Descriptions of Team Training sessions can be found on MemberZone

There will be a First Aid Training September 15-16, 2018  at the St. John Ambulance Building, 8 Thomas Byrne Drive. 

We will be doing the Standard First Aid Course as set out by St. John Ambulance. This will fulfill any requirements for Girl Guides of Canada/Guides du Canada  & Scouts Canada.  Receipts will be issued on completion of the course and certificates will be mailed out to you.    This course is also in compliance with the requirements for Workplace NL and can be used as such. 

This Course is available to any member of Girl Guides of Canada who is age 15 or older. 

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