Newfoundland and Labrador Council currently provides the following publications for its Members:

The Signal
is a bi-monthly newletter offered in electronic format. It is a place for Units, Districts, and Areas, as well as Council Departments, to share news and information. Submissions regarding girl activities, meeting ideas and success stories are encouraged. Provincial Council also prints a limited number of The Signal for Members who request it by

News For You
is a bi-annual newsletter offered in electronic and print format. It is a place for Trefoil Guild Members to share news and information. All submissions are welcome.

News Flash is the monthly blast email to all adult Members. It is the place to communicate time-sensitive information such as trainings, camps and conferences.

Publishing of our Annual Report is also coordinated by the MMPA Department. Please click here to view last year's report.

Publication Submission Guidelines

In order to ensure that our provincial news letters are relevant and timely, the following guidelines have been complied for Members that wish to make a contribution. If you have any questions or comments regarding these guidelines please contact:

The Signal - Leah Stone
News For You - Gloria Learning
NewsFlash - Allison Graham

Submitting Content:

  • Please send all submissions to the appropriate Editor (listed above)
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt.  If you do not hear back within a couple of days please contact us again to make sure we did not miss your submission.
  • Please remember that there is limited space and if you are sending large amounts of content then not everything may be published, it is up to the editor to choose what will included.

Deadlines for Submission

  • The Signal is published quarterly, deadlines are: 
    • March 15
    • June 15
    • September 15
    • December 15
  • News For You is published twice annually, deadlines are:
    • February 24
    • August 26
  •  News Flash is sent to all adult Members at the beginning of each month, deadlines are:
    • The last business day of each month
* Please note all deadlines and publication dates are subject to change. 


  • If you are including photographs with your submission, please send them as a separate attachment in your email to the Editor.
  • Ensure that all Members appearing in pictures have a signed image release BEFORE submitting for publication
  • Please include a brief caption to accompany the photo. Identify people appearing in photos and include a photographer credit whenever possible.


  • Arial is the official font for GGC. If you submit text in any other font it might not be published that way.
  • Please submit articles all articles as Microsoft Word documents. Newsletters are created in Microsoft Publisher and items created in programs other than Microsoft Word may not transfer well and have to be reformatted. Any submissions received in an incorrect format may not be published.
  • The electronic versions of our publications can contain hyperlinks in articles. Please do not set them up in advance, but let us know what the links should be by including that information along with the content. EG: Text of article here (Editor: Please link the phrase "Girl Greatness" to Followed by more text of article.
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