Travel Opportunities

Provincially Sponsored Events and Nationally Sponsored Events - Domestic and International

Generally, trips are announced in the fall of each year with the application and selection process taking place in December/January. The trips themselves are usually scheduled during the summer months. Be sure to check the National Website for upcoming travel opportunities! 

Independent Travel

You can plan an independent trip to a World Centre or another country with your unit or for a group of girls from your District, Area or Province. For more information on planning an independent trip consult the International section of Safe Guide and contact your Area International Adviser. It takes approximately two full years to plan an independent trip. As you move forward in developing your plans you will need to continue to be in close contact with the International Assessor and International Adviser for approval of your plans.

Trips must be planned using Safe Guide and should contain a Guiding component. GGC will not approve any trip experience of which the itinerary is for the most part entertainment and/or vacation based. This includes, but is not limited to, cruises, all-inclusive resorts or vacation destinations, or any other generally perceived “vacation” travel.

Fundraising for independent travel cannot begin until the trip has been approved and fundraising has been authorized. Fundraising to support trip activities (including travel) must be planned in accordance with the governance policy 01-19-01 and accompanying Procedures and Guidelines (found on Member Zone). Fundraising can only take place  if 75% of the participants are youth members at the start of planning. Fundraising is not permitted for adult-only trips.

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