NL Provincial Council

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Council

Honorary President:
 Her Honour Patricia Fagan
Honorary Vice-Presidents (Past Provincial Commissioners): Kay Penney, Judy Shannahan, Sharron Callahan, Margaret Breen, Paula Templeton, Regina Shapter, Susan Patten, Penelope Crane


Provincial Commissioner
 – Margot Walsh 
Deputy Provincial Commissioner
 – Deanna Cain-Hewitt
Deputy Provincial Commissioner
 – Vacant
 – Donna Eldridge
 – Carla Warren

Risk & Compliance Officer
 – Kay Graham
Elected Member, Properties
 – Stephanie Walsh
Elected Member, Youth Representative
 – Amy Tuck
Member Services Coordinator
 – Debbie Smith
Girl Engagement Coordinator
 – Vacant

Area Commissioners

Con Ba Su 
– Georgina Laine
Eastern Bays
 – Vacant
Long Range Trails
 – Vacant
Northern Mosaic
 – Chelsea Oliver
Oceans Edge
 – Vacant
Trefoil Central
 – Dawn Oldford 
 – Catherine Barry

Ex Officio 

Office Manager
 – Catherine Neary

Advisors / Coordinators / Committee Leads  

Nominations and Search Chairperson – Joan Bishop
Awards Chairperson
 – Pam Eavis 
Cookie Committee Lead 
– Cheryl Drover
Program Committee Lead
 – Teresa Dominie
International Committee Lead
 – Liz Porter
Camping Committee Lead
 – June Mayo
Training Committee Lead
 – Barbara Reid
Membership Lead
 – Vacant
PR/Communications Lead
 – Vacant
Girl Protection Adviser 
– Elizabeth Bidgood 
Water Activity Adviser
 – Krista Parsons-Butler 
The Signal Editor 
– Leah Stone
Trefoil Guild Adviser
 – Patricia Burton
Link Adviser
 – Victoria Battcock 
Lones Adviser
 – Vacant

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